Anthony St. John Audley



A soberly-dressed portly gentleman in his early sixties, grey haired with a neat moustache. He has a habit of checking the time (on a large silver pocket watch) every two or three minutes, whether or not he is in a hurry. His middle name is pronounced “Sinjen.”

Audley is a good solicitor, and can be entrusted with any legal problem. He won’t discuss his clients’ affairs under any circumstances. He knows many of the best civil and criminal barristers. One of the partners in his firm is a patent lawyer, a useful contact for inventors and other scientists.

His business card reads:

Anthony St. John Audley, Esq. Solicitor at Law
Audley, Butler, & Pryce
5A Fountain Court, Lincoln’s Inn
Telephone Temple Bar 332


Anthony St. John Audley

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