“Everything that Jules Verne could have written, everything that H.G. Wells should have written, Everything that Arthur Conan Doyle thought of but never published… because it was TOO fantastic!”

By the middle of the 19th century, science was beginning to solidify its understanding of he luminiferous ether, the medium through which light, gravity and magnetism travelled through space. In 1868, Thomas Edison demonstrated the first working “Ether Flyer Mechanism” and in 1870 he led the first expedition to Mars, where he found an ancient civilization, advanced in many ways, but barbaric in others. Soon thereafter, expeditions were launched to Mercury and Venus.

Mars is the sole source of several valuable commodities, most notably Liftwood. Liftwood is the product of tree native only to the most remote and dangerous regions of the Red Planet. The sap of this rare tree has the ability defy gravity in a way not yet understood by science. Cloud Ships and Sky Galleons constructed of this wood sail the airways of both Earth and Mars. In addition to Liftwood, Mars is also the source of the spice Bhutan, in demand on both worlds. With such riches, it didn’t take the Colonial Powers earth long to establish footholds on other world. The Great Game, once played out in Earth’s remotest regions, now reaches out to stars.

This is the world of Space: 1889… Victorian era adventure and intrigue on Earth and beyond!

The Tender Shoots of Empire

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