The Tender Shoots of Empire

To Find An Honest Man

As the judge sentenced Jasper Fortescue-Smythe to 21 years of hard labor, our heroes thought there adventures together were concluded. But the vile blackmailer had one more trick up his sleeve! He slipped his guards and grabbed a shotgun from the evidence table, ironically the very means of suicide used by his victim, Sir William Percy. Our heroes quickly moved to surround Fortescue-Smythe before he could cause more harm, Sir Henry Cahill convinced him that, since the shotgun was unloaded, escape was futile.

After the judge congratulated the heroes for their work this day and throughout the trial, they were approached by the solicitor Anthony St. John Audley, who sought to engage their services on behalf of Sneel Asnuun, who was introduced to them as the “Archbishop of Gaaryan”, top prelate of the Canal Keeper religion. Translated by his secretary, Volaace Zeenkeer, Asnuun explained that he had come to Earth in order that the Amulet of Seldon could be blessed the Arch-Priest of Westminster Abbey. Such an extreme voyage was necessary, he explained, because it was believed that some vital-essence of power had left Mars and was now located in Great Britain. Only by having the Amulet blessed at the English “place of power” can the Canal Keepers continue their work of restoration. Unfortunately, he went on to explain, the mortal foes of the Canal Keepers, the Cult of the Wurm, are actively trying to stop this from happening. In order to get the Amulet blessed and return it safely to Mars, Asnuun hoped to engage “honest english gentlemen” to escort him and the Amulet to Westminster Abbey and then accompany him back to Mars as escorts.

On the way to the church, the heroes are accosted inside their cab by Fenian terrorists. Not ones to meekly assent to the demands of terrorist or leave their Martian charges to the mercy of these vile revolutionaries, the heroes attempted to overpower their would be captors as the carriages sped through the crowded London streets. Little Danny Wells, though only a lad, drove his screwdriver deep into the leg of their captor in one cab, while a mad struggle for control was waged in the other. Just as the battle seemed to be turning in their favor, the cabs arrived at their destination.



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