Dylan Yates

Disillusioned. Optimist. Doctor. Whistler Extraordinaire.


Think Matt Smith’s Doctor, but with shorter hair and an ever-present whistle.


Growing up, Dylan family was an up-and-coming political force. His father and uncle worked together to rise through the ranks of English society. The Yates brothers were a subject of conversation in quite a few families. However, it wasn’t their political acumen that drew the attention—it was the fact that the brothers were from a poor Welsh family. The Yates bros. worked hard to climb the ranks, but after a certain point the high families stopped their ascent, believing that what they had already accomplished was enough to satisfy the “ambitious rascals”. As such, the Yates families continued on with no small amount of disdain for the strict social order. Still, determined to make the best of their situation, the Yates clan worked to ensure that they would never be cast down from their new station. Dylan, who had grown up during the family’s growth, knew that the military was always a strong choice politically. But for him, killing or even simply fighting were out of the question. Instead, he decided to use his intelligence and compassion to preserve life, to help those who had gone through the worst. To his father’s mind, it was the best of both worlds. A doctor and a military officer—the dream of many for their children.

Dylan Yates

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